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How To Start Using Coinbitco?

Coinbitco is very simple to use because we understand that almost everyone nowadays prefers to operate with a mobile device, so we created a digital platform that can be used and accessed with a simple mobile device running iOS or Android OS.

To start using Coinbitco and exploring the world of cryptocurrency, users must first create an account on our website or mobile app.

Follow up the next few steps to enjoy the benefits that Coinbitco has in store for you:

Make sure you are visiting the official Coinbitco site on
Next, on the Coinbitco page, click the 'Sign Up' option.
Adding a valid email address and phone number.
They should be validated in the next stages to provide you full access to the application's capabilities. Please note that in your profile settings, you will not be able to modify your email or phone number.
When creating a password for your profile, ensure it fits the following requirements:
Includes at least 8 characters, at least 1 uppercase letter, at least 1 lowercase letter, at least 1 number, and at least 1 special symbol from the list: $*.[]()?-"[email protected]# percent &/,>':;|
Before completing the Sign Up process required to create your profile, you should read Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy documents.
Authenticate either your phone number or your email address, or both.
It is not possible to skip one of the verification steps.
Check your phone or email
A verification code is instantly issued to the specified phone number or email address. If you haven't already, click the 'Get new code' button. In 30 seconds, another try will be enabled.
Enter the valid code
The verification code consists of a six-letter and six-number sequence. You will be instantly initiated to the next page after entering the valid code into the 'Verification Code' section.
You have successfully signed up with us and are now ready to venture into the Coinbitco space.